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Seeds I have to trade:

  • Please see my plant trade list.

Seeds I am looking for:

  • Please see my plant trade list

Plants I have to trade:

  • Plants in Alphabetical order
  • Alocasia cucullata
  • Alocasia macrorrhiza - good starter plants - giant elephant ear - glossy green leaves - root hardy outside if covered and mulched.
  • Alocasia Portadora - 10"-12" plant- deeply scalloped leaves grow large
  • Alocasia wentii - variegated - cut/paste for pic.
  • http://toptropicals.com/pics/garden/m1/list/alocasia_sp4292.jpg - I need to repot and have a small plant to trade.
  • Althea - Rose of Sharon - Hollyhock bush/tree
  • Althea Aphrodite - light pink with s dark red eye. Large blooms all summer. 1 y/o well rooted cutting-has bloomed this year. Old folks called it hollyhock bush/tree. Seven available.
  • Althea-double light lavender-8 inches-1 y/o well rooted cutting-has bloomed this year. May be variety Lavender Chiffon -One available.
  • Angel trumpets - Brugmansia
  • Chas. Grimaldi-yellow
  • Butterfly-pink
  • Rosa Traum-pink
  • Arundo donax variegata - Variegated giant reed grass
  • Banana-musella lasiocarpa-Lotus banana-cut/paste
  • http://www.temperatetropicals.com/content/images/musella%20lasiocarpa.jpg
  • Calamondin orange trees - One remains - 2-3 ft tall - must keep indoors in winter.
  • Clerodendrum bungeii - several good starts
  • Crabapple seedlings 3 more available - several available - one year old ornamental flowering crabapples. The parent has reddish leaves. (2 promised to Wayne Smith)
  • Hydrangea - 1 - lacecap - no name - blooms blue for me
  • Malvaviscus arboreus - Giant bloom - white and pink - I have a large pot of these and the plants need a new home. I CAN DIVIDE THEM.
  • Pampas grass - 1 nice 3 gallon pot
  • Pineapple sage - several rooted pieces.
  • No Longer Available - Plastic pots 3gal-4gal. Promised to Jody.
  • No Longer Available - Promised to Wayne Smith Pomegranate-punica granatum-(flowering, ornamental)- small
  • ROSE - http://www.antiqueroseemporium.com/rose-104.html I have one nice start of what is commonly called Seven Sisters rose. This one is more like Caldwell Pink with the light lavender color on the light pink. It is a spring only bloomer; not a repeat bloomer
  • Wisteria - white - blooms smell like baby powder
  • Xanthosoma sagittafolium - arrow leafed green elephant ear
  • Good starter plants

Plants I am looking for:

  • Monarda citriodora (Lemon Bee Balm)
  • Make me an offer with what you have on hand.
  • Root hardy banana trees - tall ones only, please