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Seeds I have to trade:

  • These grow well in zone 9 so I have lots for 2014 tradeing.
  • Pink or white coral vine (antignon) seeds
  • Gold cassia bicapsularis - seeds
  • Gloriosa Lily - seeds
  • Pink Magnus coneflower - seeds
  • Dwf. red & also coral pink hibiscus abelmoschus moschatus - seeds
  • Golden Candlestick bush - seeds
  • Luffa sponge - seeds
  • 'Silky red & gold' butterfly weed- seeds & plants
  • Gold lanceleaf coriopsis - seeds
  • Red or Mixed with white cypress vine - seeds
  • Amaryllis - 'Orange Star' large flower hybrid with white star
  • and 'Graffiti' pretty, white with fine red markings - seeds & bulbs (Special trades only like for Dk. Red or Doubles)
  • White Guara - seeds
  • Pavonia - Light pink with burgundy eye - seeds & plants
  • 'Sweet Pea' tiny snacking & salad tomato - seeds
  • Hibiscus coccineus 'Red Star of Texas'
  • Rudbeckia Maxima - tall cabbage leaf black eyed Susan limited amount
  • Yellow 4:00's

Seeds I am looking for:

  • Plate size mallow hibiscus, especially these special colors:
  • Fantasia,Tie Dye, Robert Fleming, Jazzberry Jam, Midnight Marvel
  • Crocosmia - corms or seeds of ones in plants wanted list
  • 'Pink Showers' a pink cassia bicapsularis

Plants I have to trade:

  • Day lilies - Both pretty 'Scarlet Orbit' red & 'Night Beacon' mauve 2-tone
  • Roots of 'Hidden Lily Ginger' curcuma petiolata
  • Holiday Cactus in white, red, salmon, orange or pink
  • Sedums 'Angelina' & 'Sea Stars'
  • Pink Coral Vine Starts July 2014
  • 'Silky Red & Gold' Asclepias curvassica Butterfly weed
  • Cuttings of Angel Trumpet 'Versacolor Peach'
  • 'Black & Blue' Salvia from tuberous roots I just separated to sprout out
  • Fern roots - 'Christmas' - polystichium acrostichoides - can take part sun
  • Pavonia hastata - called Rock Rose mallow or Spear leaf Mallow - light pink with burgundy center - hardy & evergreen in zone 9
  • 'Swedish Ivy' plectranthus
  • 'Variegated Swedish Ivy' smaller leaf plectranthus
  • Mexican Plume 'Red orange' Justicia in Shrimp family
  • Night Blooming Jasmine

Plants I am looking for:

  • African Violet leaves or small starter plants
  • 'Pink Showers' a pink cassia bicapsularis
  • Day lilies that are white/ near white, Deep purple or two tones
  • Amaryllis bulbs - Dark Red, Apple Bloosom or any Doubles - (will trade for 'Graffiti' which is different & very pretty - white with a few fine red lines on each petal or 'Orange Star' a large hybrid orange red with white star in center)
  • CROCOSMIA - Out of the West, Babylon, Ruby Velvet, Vesuvius, Ellenbank Skylark, Severn Sunrise, Zeal Giant, Amber Glow, Eggs & Bacon, Voyager, X Superbra or any Pink variety