swanscross's GardenWeb Exchange Page

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Seeds I have to trade:

  • Organic and Heirloom Varieties, Open pollinated
  • Malva alcea Hollyhock Mallow (Burgundy)
  • Artemesia
  • Amaranth Hopi Red dye
  • Amaranth Love Lies Bleeding
  • Amaranth gomphrena (Glove amaranth)(lilac)
  • Moluccella laevis (Bells-of-Ireland, Shellflower)
  • Lantana camara "carnival colorations..pink and yellow)
  • Mammoth Sunflowers
  • Marigold
  • Vegetable seeds to trade:
  • Heirloom Tomato Seeds
  • Mixed Italian (costoluto fiorentino, pantano romanesco,
  • Mixed Heirloom Paste Tomato (Amish Paste, Red Sausage
  • Evas Purple Ball
  • Cherokee Purple
  • Alicante
  • Mixed Heirloom slicers (RED IND)(Boxcar Willie, Alicante, Longkeeper, Ferris Wheel,Spudakee [potato leaf])
  • Nebraska Wedding, yellow tomato
  • Anastasi Beans
  • Brown Pumpkin Squash (Long Island cheese) heirloom
  • zucchini (Dark Star) originally grown from Seeds of Change
  • Birdhouse Gourd
  • Okra (clemson)
  • Lettuce (mixed all organic) green bibb, Walthams Dk Green, Redina, Black Seeded Simpson, Red Oak Leaf all Heirlooms all good growers and slow to bolt.
  • Amish Popcorn
  • Santa Clause Mellon
  • Cantalope or Musk Mellon
  • Honeydew
  • Tree and shrubby plant seeds
  • Pecan
  • Desert Willow
  • Crepe Myrtle (purple)
  • Althea officinalis (Rose of Sharon) White and Purple
  • Siminole Peach
  • Black Plum
  • Apricot

Seeds I am looking for:

  • Flowers
  • Stocks
  • mints
  • herbs & spices
  • ornamental grasses
  • all offers considered

Plants I have to trade:

No current listings.

Plants I am looking for:

  • rootbeer plant
  • mints (all kinds)