sred98's GardenWeb Exchange Page

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Seeds I have to trade:

  • Orange trumpet vine
  • White datura (moonflower)
  • Solid pink 4 o'clocks
  • **I will add to this list as I am able to**

Seeds I am looking for:

  • Reseda Odorada (Mignonette)
  • Cosmos (any besides orange or yellow!)
  • Nasturtiums (Pinks and whites-I know they're out there! Every time I track some down they're sold out!)
  • French Marigolds (no Africans, please)
  • Interesting Tomato or pepper seeds. Send me a list.

Plants I have to trade:

  • This is a work in progress. I haven't seen the yard in all four seasons, yet so I don't know the colors of the lilies and irises.
  • I've got more vinca and variegated vinca vine than I know what to do with.
  • beautiful orange trumpet vine that I've got to get out of my tulip tree.
  • Rose of Sharon in various colors.
  • White Daturas
  • Pink 4 o'clocks
  • Pink mimosas
  • English ivy
  • Flowering shrubs I've got to identify
  • Hardy hibiscus in white and pink that will be easy to root.
  • Grape vines for cuttings (but I won't know the varieties)
  • Possibly small pecan trees
  • Possibly small black walnut trees

Plants I am looking for:

  • I am into Cottage and Fairy Gardens. My house is a 1929 house that has been restored, so I have a lot of heirloom plants and a huge vegetable garden. Looking for plants appropriate to that era or before.
  • White Liatris (either Spicata or Scariosa)
  • Any night blooming plant!!
  • Philadelphius Coronarias - Mock Orange (rooted cuttings)
  • Heirloom bulbs - Fragrance is a plus. Iris, lily, daffodil, narcissus, etc.
  • Oriental lilies - not picky on names, just fragrant. Pinks and whites especially.
  • Daylilies - prefer single blooms, in vibrant shades. Unnamed or unknown varieties ok.
  • Butterfly bush - cuttings or plants. Any colors.
  • Rose of Sharon - Blue Satin
  • Tricyrtis - Toad lilies - any colors
  • Elephant ears - Lime Zinger, Nancy's revenge, Black Marble, Blue Hawaii, Yellow Splash, Hilo Beauty
  • Monarda - Grand Marshall, Prairie Night, Pink Supreme, Raspberry Wine, Blue Stocking, Snow White
  • Canna- Ermine, Constitution
  • Clematis- Addison's, Roguchi, and Sweet Autumn
  • Alstroemeria - (bulbs) any, especially pinks.
  • Echinacea - Green Envy, Fragrant Angel, Tomato soup.
  • Hardy Figs
  • Lilac - Fragrant! Any colors
  • Pussy Willow - Black, Pink (cuttings)
  • Lilies - Turk's Cap style (Native)
  • Passifloras - hardy
  • Quirky sedums (but then again, which ones aren't??)
  • I love vining plants, fragrant plants, hardy bulbs. Purple is my favorite color, but I really love anything!
  • **Any night-blooming or exceptionally fragrant plants are wanted**
  • For Round Robins or group swaps, I like any garden-type animals (toads/frogs/lizards/dragonflies, etc.) any fantasy/mystical type creatures (elves, fairies, gargoyles, gnomes, etc) I also collect chickens. I can always use any windchimes, whirly-gigs, or quirky garden items. I love homemade seedpacks and labels, any gardening items. Hummingbird and bird feeders, citronella candles.
  • I am especially needing faery doors and furniture right now!