smitties's GardenWeb Exchange Page

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Seeds I have to trade:

  • Will update during growing season of 2014

Seeds I am looking for:

  • Really, really want Echinacea - Sunrise, pink double delight, sundown, ANYTHING except basic purple, pink, or white
  • Gaillardias:
  • dakota reveille
  • amber wheels
  • chocolate cosmos
  • Rose Bonbon cosmos
  • Dianthus, any double
  • Blanketflower Red Plume
  • Globe amararanth, QIS orange
  • Cosmos cranberries
  • Rudbeckia 1. Green Wizard 2. Chim Chiminee 3. Prairie glow
  • Limanthes 1. Spanish omelette
  • Coreopsis- autumn blush
  • Columbine-Denver gold
  • Columbine-Cardinal
  • Aster-snow flurry
  • yellow cleome
  • goldilocks rudbeckia
  • Coreopsis Mardi gras or any orange colored
  • Sunny side up shasta
  • gold rush shasta
  • broadway lights shasta
  • Poppy - 1. Jelly beans
  • Calendula 1. Candyman orange 2. porcupine 3. octoberfest
  • chocolate mint coleous
  • purple burst aster
  • Fried eggs
  • Tickseed Quills and Thrills
  • nasturtium-Ladybird Cream purple spot or Yellow canary creeper
  • Marsh Mallow
  • Birds eyes, wildflower
  • Hollyhock Dwarf Queeny
  • Blue woodruff
  • Chocolate daisy
  • Painted tongue, Little Friends
  • Poppy Lilac pompom, Cherry Glow
  • Zinnia, Old Mexico
  • Cotton
  • Ice plant
  • English Daisy, rose ball
  • Tassel Flower
  • Minibel tomato
  • muncher cucumber

Plants I have to trade:

  • Hope to update spring of 2014. It's been a rough winter and I need to see what has survived.

Plants I am looking for:

  • PLEASE NOTE: I am a outside gardener so house plants are not on my list.
  • For exchanges, I can use anything not listed above as I have several new gardens I plan to start up. We have 5 acres of playland.
  • Most interested in unusual daisies and new varieties of coneflowers. I would also like to
  • replace my spider web hen and chicks since they did not make it last summer.
  • I would also enjoy spring flowering perennials as well.
  • For other items in exchanges, I am a collector of garden ornaments especially garden frogs. Other useful items would be plant markers, seed envelopes, labels, and life saver mints are a favorite and I love chocolate of any kind. :)