natives_and_veggies's GardenWeb Exchange Page

To contact me, or learn more about me, see my member page.

Seeds I have to trade:

  • dwarf ponciana (aka pride of barbados)
  • calamondin
  • various veggies and herbs
  • queens wreath (none right now, but should have some soon)
  • sapodilla (they're dropping now, I have a good number of seeds)

Seeds I am looking for:

  • veggies/edibles that are tried and true in Florida
  • natives
  • easy to grow annuals for beds that do not get irrigated beyond rain water

Plants I have to trade:

  • century plant
  • calamondin
  • dwarf ponciana (none right now, but soon)
  • sapodilla
  • wart fern
  • bromeliad pups (mostly babies from big box varieties, nothing special or rare)
  • golden dewdrop cuttings
  • persian shield cuttings
  • chenille cuttings (the big, pink variety, with long flowers)
  • various croton cuttings, including an unusual weeping variety
  • (for the right trade, I'll root the cuttings and send them bare root, or in small pots)
  • firespike (I can send bareroot, or in small pots)
  • jasmine tree (cuttings or plants)
  • NOID pink plumeria sticks

Plants I am looking for:

  • natives
  • bromeliads I don't have (we'll have to trade pictures to figure that out)
  • butterfly plants
  • a staghorn start
  • If you're interested in anything I've got, try me, I've got a lot of barren space.