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Seeds I have to trade:

  • Updated 10/31/2014 - List is for group swaps only right now, no trades with individuals.

    This list is all open pollinated seed collected from my garden in 2013/2014... unless otherwise indicated. The parent plant variety is listed if known. APB denotes annual, perennial, biennial. Trees and shrubs are also marked perennial.

  • genus speciescultivarcommon nameapbzoneusa nativehost for
    Agastache foeniculum 'Golden Jubilee' Anise Hyssop p 5-9 y
    Allium schoenoprasum
    Chives p 3-9

    Allium tuberosum
    Garlic Chives p 4-8

    Amsonia hubrichtii
    Arkansas Amsonia p 5-9 y
    Anaphalis margaritacea
    Pearly Everlasting p 4-8 y American Lady, Painted Lady
    Anemone virginiana
    Tall Thimbleweed p 3-9 y
    Anethum graveolens 'Mammoth' Dill a

    Eastern Black Swallowtail
    Aquilegia canadensis
    Wild Columbine p 3-8 y Columbine Duskywing
    Armeria maritima
    Sea Thrift p 3-8

    Aronia melanocarpa
    Black Chokeberry p 4-8 y
    Asclepias incarnata
    Swamp Milkweed p 3-8 y Monarch, Queen
    Asclepias syriaca
    Common Milkweed p 4-9 y Monarch, Queen
    Asclepias tuberosa
    Butterfly Weed p 4-10 y Monarch, Queen
    Aurinia saxatilis
    Basket of Gold Alyssum p 3-10

    Baptisia australis
    False Blue Indigo p 3-10 y Wild Indigo Duskywing, Eastern Tailed-Blue, Orange Sulphur, Clouded Sulphur, Frosted Elfin, Hoary Edge
    Belamcanda chinensis
    Blackberry Lily p 4-10

    Borago officinalis
    Borage a

    Painted Lady
    Bouteloua curtipendula
    Sideoats Grama p 4-9 y Green Skipper, Dotted Skipper
    Browallia americana
    Amethyst Flower a

    C. argentea var. plumosa 'New Look' Celosia a

    Calycanthus floridus
    Carolina Allspice p 4-9 y
    Campanula americana
    Tall Bellflower p 3-8 y
    Carex grayi
    Gray's Sedge p 5-9 y
    Centaurea montana
    Perennial Cornflower p 3-8

    Cephalanthus occidentalis
    Buttonbush Shrub p 5-10 y Hydrangea sphinx Moth,Titan sphinx Moth
    Chamaecrista fasciculata
    Partridge Pea a
    y Orange-barred Sulphur, Sleepy Orange,Orange Sulphur, Cloudless Sulphur, Clouded Sulphur, Colias philodice, Gray Hairstreak, and Little Sulphur
    Chasmanthium latifolium
    Northern Sea Oats p 5-9 y
    Chelone glabra
    White Turtlehead p 3-8 y Baltimore Checkerspot
    Chrysanthemum parthenium 'Flore Pleno' Feverfew p 5-9

    Conoclinium coelestinum
    Hardy Ageratum p 5-9 y
    Coreopsis tinctoria 'Mahogany Midget' Dwarf Red Plains Coreopsis a
    Cosmos sulphureus
    Sulphur Cosmos a

    Cuphea lanceolata
    Cigar Flower a,p 10-11

    Dalea candida
    White Prairie Clover p 3-8 y
    Dalea purpurea
    Purple Prairie Clover p 3-8 y
    Desmanthus illinoensis
    Illinois Bundleflower p 5-9 y
    Desmodium canadense
    Showy Tick Trefoil p 3-9 y
    Digitalis grandiflora
    Yellow Foxglove p 3-8

    Digitalis lutea
    Straw Foxglove p 3-9

    Echinacea tennesseensis
    Tennessee Coneflower p 3-9 y Silvery Checkerspot
    Echinops ritro
    Globe Thistle p 3-9

    Joe Pye Weed p 3-8 y
    Eupatorium dubium 'Little Joe' Dwarf Joe Pye Weed p 4-8 y
    Eupatorium perfoliatum
    Boneset p 3-9 y
    Eupatorium serotinum
    Late-flowering Boneset p 5-7 y
    Foeniculum vulgare
    Bronze Fennel b

    Anise Swallowtail, Eastern Black Swallowtail
    Geum triflorum
    Prairie Smoke p 1-8 y
    Heliopsis helianthoides
    False Sunflower p 4-8 y
    Hibiscus moscheutos
    Hardy Hibiscus p 5-10 y Gray Hairstreak
    Impatiens balfourii
    Poor Man's Orchid a

    Impatiens balsamina
    Balsam, Touch-Me-Not a

    Ipomoea sloteri
    Cardinal Climber Vine a

    Iris virginica var. shrevei Blue Flag Iris p 5-9 y
    Knautia macedonica
    Knautia p 5-10

    Lavandula angustifolia
    English Lavender p 5-9

    Liatris spicata
    Blazing Star p 3-10 y Silvery Checkerspot
    Lobelia cardinalis
    Cardinal Flower p 2-9 y
    Lupinus perennis
    Wild Lupine p 3-8 y Karner Blue
    Mimulus cardinalis
    Scarlet Monkey Flower p 6-9 y
    Mimulus ringens
    Allegheny Monkey Flower p 3-8 y Common Buckeye, Baltimore checkerspot
    Monarda fistulosa
    Wild Bergamot p 3-9 y
    Monarda punctata
    Dotted Mint p 5-10 y
    Nepeta cataria
    Catnip p 3-9

    Nicotiana sylvestris
    Woodland Tobacco a

    Nigella damascena
    Love-In-A-Mist a

    Pennisetum alopecuroides var. viridescens
    Black-Flowered Fountain Grass p 5-9

    Penstemon digitalis
    Foxglove Penstemon p 2-8 y
    Penstemon digitalis 'Husker's Red' Penstemon p 2-8 y
    Penstemon grandiflorus
    Large-flowered Beardtongue p 3-8 y
    Penstemon hirsutus
    Eastern Penstemon p 4-9 y Baltimore Checkerspot
    Penstemon smallii
    Small's Penstemon p 5-9 y
    Penstemon tenuis
    Gulf Coast Penstemon a,p 7-9 y
    Phaseolus coccineus
    Scarlet Runner Bean a

    Platycodon grandiflorus 'Alba' Balloon Flower p 3-9

    Primula veris 'Sunset Shades' Cowslip Primrose p 5-9

    Ratibida columnifera
    Mexican Hats p 3-10 y
    Ratibida pinnata
    Gray-headed Coneflower p 3-10 y
    Rudbeckia triloba
    Brown-eyed Susan p 3-9 y
    Ruta graveolens
    Common Rue a,p 6-11
    Giant Swallowtail, Eastern Black Swallowtail
    Salvia coccinea 'Lady-in-Red' Salvia a,p 8-10 y
    Salvia farinacea
    Mealy Cup Sage a,p 7-11 y
    Salvia lyrata
    Lyre-leaved Sage p 5-10 y
    Salvia officinalis
    Common Sage p 4-11

    Salvia transylvanica 'Blue Spires' Transylvanian Sage p 4-8

    Schizachyrium scoparium
    Little Bluestem p 4-9 y Ottoe Skipper, Indian Skipper, Crossline Skipper, Dusted Skipper, Cobweb butterfly, Dixie skipper
    Senna marilandica
    Maryland Wild Senna p 5-8 y Orange/Common Sulfur, Cloudless Sulfur, Little Sulfur
    Silene chalcedonica
    Maltese Cross p 4-10

    Silene regia
    Royal Catchfly p 4-8 y
    Solidago rigida
    Stiff Goldenrod p 3-9 y
    Sporobolus heterolepis
    Prairie Dropseed Grass p 3-9 y
    Symphyotrichum novae-angliae
    New England Aster p 3-9 y Pearl Crescent, Checkerspot
    Symphyotrichum oolentangiensis
    Sky Blue Aster p 3-8 y
    Tagetes patula 'Queen Sophia' French Marigold a

    Tiarella wherryi
    Foamflower p 3-7 y
    Tithonia rotundifolia
    Mexican Sunflower a

    Verbena bonariensis
    Upright Verbena a,p 7-10

    Verbena hastata
    Blue Vervain p 3-8 y Common Buckeye
    Verbena stricta
    Hoary Vervain p 3-9 y Common Buckeye
    Vernonia ?
    Ironweed p 5-9 y
    Veronica spicata
    Spike Speedwell p 3-8

    Veronicastrum virginicum
    Culver's Root p 4-7 y
    Viola labradorica
    Labrador Violet p 3-8 y Variegated Fritillary
    Zizia aurea
    Golden Alexander p 4-9 y Eastern Black Swallowtail

Seeds I am looking for:

  • Updated 11/5/2014

    Added 11/5/2014

    Avena sativa        Cat Grass / Common Oats
    Campanula rotundifolia        Harebell   
    Eryngium leavenworthii        Leavenworth's Eryngo
    Liatris pycnostachya        Prairie Blazing Star
    Nasturtiums    Any    Nasturtiums

    I'm mostly interested in: natives, good seed / fruit / nectar plants for attracting wildlife, edibles for smaller gardens, and butterfly / moth host plants for ZONE 5. I have most things listed by both genus/species and common name. I try to indicate in the variety column if there is a variety that I either specifically want or don't want. If it is left blank or says "any", then any variety is wanted. Edibles that are herbs or are also ornamentals are in the main table.


    Beans, Pole: Neapolitan, Emerite, Fortex, French Gold, Garafal Oro, Neckargold, Tobacco Worm
    Cover Crops: Annual Ryegrass, Crimson Clover, Hairy Vetch, Buckwheat
    Cucumber: Garden Sweet Burpless
    Lettuce: Any loose-leaf, butterhead, or romaine varieties
    Other: Austrian Field Peas, Cat Grass (Avena sativa)
    Spinach: Strawberry, Baby Leaf
    Tomato: Moonglow, Opalka, SunSugar, Sungold Hybrid Commercial


  • genus species


    common name

    Aesculus x carnea   Red Horsechestnut, Red Horse Chestnut, Bottlebrush Buckeye

    Aesculus pavia

    Firecracker plant, Red Buckeye

    Agalinis fasciculata
    False Foxglove

    Allium cernuum

    Nodding Onion

    Allium tricoccum

    Wild Leek, Ramps

    Amelanchier arborea

    Common / Downy Serviceberry

    Amelanchier laevis

    Allegheny Serviceberry

    Amelanchier lamarckii
    Snowy Mespilus, Juneberry, Apple Serviceberry

    Amorpha canescens


    Anemone americana

    Liverleaf, Liverwort, Roundlobe Hepatica

    Anemone canadensis

    Canada Anemone

    Anemone patens wolfgangiana

    Pasque Flower

    Antennaria neglecta

    Field Pussytoes

    Antennaria parlinii


    Antennaria plantaginifolia

    Plantain-leaf Pussytoes, Woman's Tobacco

    Antirrhinum braun-blanquetii

    Perennial Snapdragon

    Aquilegia formosa

    Crimson Columbine

    Arisaema triphyllum

    Jack in the pulpit

    Aristolochia macrophylla, Aristolochia durior

    Dutchman's Pipevine

    Aristolochia tomentosa
    Wooly Pipevine

    Artemisia frigida

    Fringed Sage

    Artemisia ludoviciana

    Prairie Sage

    Aruncus dioicus

    Goat's Beard, Bride's Feathers

    Asclepias purpurascens

    Purple Milkweed

    Asclepias speciosa

    Showy Milkweed

    Asclepias sullivantii

    Prairie Milkweed

    Asclepias variegata

    Redring milkweed, White-flowered milkweed

    Asclepias verticillata

    Whorled Milkweed

    Aster alpinus

    Alpine Aster

    Astragalus canadensis

    Canadian Milk Vetch, Rattle Vetch

    Baptisia bracteata
    Cream Wild Indigo
    Boehmeria cylindrica
    False Nettles

    Bouteloua gracilis

    Blue Grama Grass

    Bouteloua dactyloides

    Buffalo Grass

    Caltha palustris

    Cowslip, Yellow Marsh Marigold

    Camassia scilloides

    Wild Hyacinth

    Campanula rotundifolia

    Castilleja coccinea

    Indian Paintbrush

    Ceanothus americanus

    New Jersey Tea, Mountain Sweet

    Cercus canadensis

    Chionanthus virginicus

    Native White Fringe Tree

    Chrysogonum virginianum

    Goldenstar, Green and Gold

    Claytonia virginica

    Spring Beauty

    Clematis virginiana

    Virgin's Bower

    Clethra alnifolia

    Summersweet, Sweet Pepper Bush

    Corylus americana

    American Hazelnut

    Crocus tommasinianus

    Snow Crocus

    Delphinium tricorne
    Dwarf Larkspur
    Dentaria laciniata

    Deschampsia cespitosa

    Tufted Hair Grass

    Dicentra cucullaria

    Dutchman's Breeches

    Dicentra eximia

    Bleeding Hearts

    Dichanthelium oligosanthes var. scribnerianum

    Scribner's Panic Grass

    Digitalis grandiflora

    Yellow Perennial Foxglove

    Dodecatheon amethystinum

    Amethyst Shooting Star

    Dodecatheon meadia

    Shooting Star

    Elymus hystrix

    Bottlebrush Grass

    Eryngium leavenworthii
    Leavenworth's Eryngo

    Erythronium albidum

    White Trout Lily

    Euphorbia corollata

    Flowering Spurge, Prairie Baby's Breath

    Fagopyrum esculentum

    Fragaria virginiana

    Wild Strawberry

    Galium boreale

    Northern Bedstraw

    Gaultheria procumbens

    Creeping Wintergreen

    Gaura coccinea

    Scarlet Gaura

    Gentiana alba

    Plain Gentian

    Gentiana andrewsii

    Bottle Gentian

    Gentiana puberulenta

    Downy Gentian

    Geranium macrorrhizum

    Hardy Geranium

    Gilia rigidula

    Blue Gilia

    Hamamelis virginiana

    Witch Hazel

    Helianthus sp.
    Sunflower, any small headed good for birds

    Helianthus maximiliani

    Maximilian sunflower

    Hepatica acutiloba

    Sharp-lobed Hepatica

    Hesperostipa comata

    Needle and thread Grass

    Heuchera americana

    Woodland Alumroot

    Heuchera richardsonii

    Prairie Alumroot

    Hystrix patula

    Bottlebrush Grass

    Ilex verticillata

    Winterberry Holly

    Impatiens capensis


    Iris cristata

    Dwarf Crested Iris

    Isopyrum biternatum

    False Rue Anemone

    Koeleria macrantha

    June Grass

    Lespedeza capitata

    Round-headed Bush Clover

    Liatris aspera

    Rough Blazing Star, Button Blazing Star, Tall Gayfeather

    Liatris cylindracea

    Dwarf Blazing Star

    Liatris ligulistylis

    Round-headed Blazing Star

    Liatris pycnostachya
    Prairie Blazing Star

    Lilium michiganense

    Michigan Lily

    Lilium philadelphicum

    Wood Lily

    Lindera benzoin

    Spicebush, Spice Bush

    Lobelia spicata

    Pale Spiked Lobelia

    Lonicera dioica
    Limber Honeysuckle Vine

    Lonicera flava

    Yellow Honeysuckle Vine

    Lonicera prolifera
    Yellow Honeysuckle Vine


    'Red Flame'


    Mitella diphylla

    Bishop's Cap

    Morus rubra
    Red Mulberry
    Nasturtiums any Nasturtiums

    Onoclea sensibilis

    Sensitive Fern

    Oxalis violacea

    Violet Wood Sorrel

    Pachysandra procumbens

    Allegheny Spurge

    Passiflora incarnata
    Maypops, Purple Passionflower

    Pedicularis canadensis

    Wood Betony

    Penstemon gracilis
    Slender Beardtongue
    Penstemon pallidus
    Pale Beardtongue

    Phlox divaricata

    Wild Blue Phlox

    Phlox maculata

    Wild Sweet William

    Phlox paniculata

    Garden Phlox

    Phlox pilosa

    Downy Phlox, Prairie Phlox

    Podophyllum peltatum


    Polygonatum canaliculatum

    Solomon's Seal

    Prunus americana

    Wild Plum

    Prunus virginiana


    Ptelea trifoliata

    Wafer Ash

    Pulsatilla vulgaris

    Pasque Flower

    Pycnanthemum pilosum
    Hairy Mountain Mint
    Pycnanthemum virginianum
    Mountain Mint
    Pycnanthemum tenuifolium
    Slender Mountain Mint
    Ranunculus fascicularis
    Early Buttercup

    Rhus trilobata, aromatica

    Three-Leaf Sumac, Aromatic Sumac

    Ribes odoratum

    Clove Currant, Buffalo Currant

    Rosa arkansana

    Prairie Wild Rose

    Rudbeckia fulgida
    Orange Coneflower

    Rudbeckia subtomentosa

    Sweet Coneflower, Sweet Black-eyed Susan

    Ruellia caroliniensis

    Carolina Wild Petunia

    Ruellia humilis

    Fringeleaf wild petunia

    Salvia elegans

    Pinneapple Salvia

    Sanguinaria canadensis


    Sarracenia purpurea

    Common Pitcher Plant

    Schrankia uncinata

    Sensitive Plant

    Sedum ternatum

    Woodland Stonecrop

    Silene virginica
    Fire Pink, Scarlet Catchfly
    Silphium integrifolium
    Rosin Weed

    Silphium perfoliatum

    Cup Plant

    Sisyrinchium albidum

    Common Blue-eyed Grass

    Sisyrinchium angustifolium

    Stout Blue-eyed Grass

    Sisyrinchium campestre

    Prairie blue eyed grass

    Smilacina racemosa

    Solomon's Plume

    Smilacina stellata
    Starry Solomon's Plume

    Solidago flexicaulis

    Zigzag Goldenrod

    Solidago speciosa

    Showy Goldenrod

    Spigelia marilandica
    Woodland Pinkroot, Indian Pink

    Spiraea alba


    Spiraea tomentosa


    Stylophorum diphyllum

    Celandine Poppy

    Symphoricarpos albus

    Snowberry, Ice Apple

    Symphoricarpos orbiculatus

    Coralberry, Indian Currant, Bird's Eye Bush

    Taenidia integerrima
    Yellow Pimpernel

    Tradescantia ohiensis

    Ohio Spiderwort

    Trifolium incarnatum
    Crimson Clover

    Triodanis perfoliata

    Venus' Looking-glass

    Uvularia grandiflora

    Large Bellwort, Big Merrybells

    Verbena stricta

    Hoary Vervain

    Viburnum acerifolium

    Maple-leaf Viburnum

    Vicia villosa
    Hairy Vetch

    Viola palmata

    Early Blue Violet

    Viola pedata

    Bird's Foot Violet, Crow Foot Violet

    Viola pedatifida

    Prairie Violet

    Viola sororia

    Woolly Blue Violet, Sister Violet

    Viola striata

    Cream Violet

    Zanthoxylum americanum
    Prickly Ash




Plants I have to trade:

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Plants I am looking for:

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