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Seeds I have to trade:

  • I have a lot of older seed, two to three years old, and some new from last year. This last years garden was not much for seeds. My garden is op and organic. I have much more seed saved from last few years than I could ever use, so feel free to SASBE, all I ask is that you send enough little baggies to put the seeds in so I don't have to use all mine. The seeds are too numerous for listing now, but send me a request of what type you are looking for and I'll let you know what I have. For example, beefsteak,yellow,paste etc. The only thing I am looking for is winter squash and gourds. Thanks .Good harvest to all:)
  • 80 varieties of heirloom maters
  • 70 varieties of hot and reg peppers
  • assorted herbs, culinary and medicinal
  • crepe myrtles
  • garlics mixed varieties

Seeds I am looking for:

  • winter squash and gourds

Plants I have to trade:

  • lemon balm

Plants I am looking for:

No current listings.