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Seeds I have to trade:

No current listings.

Seeds I am looking for:

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Plants I have to trade:

  • I apologize in advance...I have yet to find a tagging system that withstands my sun. So some of these, I am unsure of the varieties.
  • Rose of Sharon
  • Blue fescue
  • hosta
  • liatris,
  • phlox (several varieties, but I'm not sure which is which)
  • Lemon Balm
  • Lilac
  • barberry
  • Iris (many varieties)
  • Lupine
  • Baptisa
  • Pulmonaria (Mrs. moon)
  • Porcupine grass or zebra grass (not sure which)
  • Sweet Woodruff
  • Obediant Plant (white and purple)
  • Geranium (Karmina, Rozanne and one other variety I can't remember)
  • Monarda (Bee Balm) - Red and pink
  • variegated Vinca

Plants I am looking for:

  • Foxglove (any)
  • Peonies (any)
  • Agastache Raspberry Summer
  • Agastache Black Adder
  • Adenophora Lilifolia
  • Anemone
  • Artemesia Silver Mound
  • Astible Taquetti, Peach Blossom, or Liliput
  • Campanula Samantha
  • Campanula Glomerata
  • Campanula Portenschlagiana
  • Coreopsis Red Shift
  • Delphinums
  • Dianthus Horatio
  • Echinacea Harvest Moon, Summer Sky, or any of the more unusual varieties
  • Gaura
  • Heuchera Caramel and Citronelle
  • Lavendar
  • Ratibida
  • Verbascum (any)
  • Flowering Quince