firegurl's GardenWeb Exchange Page

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Seeds I have to trade:

  • currently updating 2.3.14...
  • Acorn Squash
  • Cassia didymobotrya-Popcorn Cassia
  • Honeydew Melon

Seeds I am looking for:

  • beets- chiogga
  • broccoli- pacman
  • carrots- danvers 126
  • kale- does anyone have a good small leafed kale?
  • lavender-lady
  • lettuce- red sails
  • tomato- cherokee green
  • western pasqueflower- anemone occidentalis
  • wheatgrass
  • zinnias...can't get enough!!!

Plants I have to trade:

No current listings.

Plants I am looking for:

No current listings.