fermentingblob's GardenWeb Exchange Page

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Seeds I have to trade:

  • Corn, black aztec 2008
  • Cowpeas, Big Boy
  • beet heirloom mix
  • Bush Bean, Derby
  • Bush Bean, Contender
  • Honeydew, trade (08)
  • pepper, jalepeno m (hybrid)(2007)
  • pepper, fourway sweet (hybrid) (2007)
  • radish heirloom mix
  • Tomato, beefsteak
  • abutilon, flowering maple (from trade)
  • calendula, orange
  • calendula, yellow
  • canary island date palm
  • chrysanthemum, shasta daisy (trade)
  • delphenium, larkspur (trade)
  • hibiscus syriacus, rose of sharon (from trade)
  • joshua tree, collected 08-09
  • ipomea tricolor, morning glory, heavenly blue, other colors too
  • nepeta cataria, catnip
  • nicotiana mix, white pnk burgundy cranberry
  • papaver somniferum, purple hungarian poppy
  • papaver somniferum, poppy
  • physostegia, obedient plant
  • plantago major, plantain (good edible green, easy, self sows)
  • rosmarinus officinalis, rosemary
  • salvia coccinea, white
  • salvia coccinea, red
  • salvia roemeriana, cedar sage (from trade)
  • Salvia verticillata 'Purple Rain'
  • scutellaria sp, purple skull cap (from trade)
  • spider flower, purple (trade)
  • spider flower, pink (trade)
  • tassel flower, red (trade)
  • typha, cat-tail
  • wildflower mixture, burpee
  • my website, thanks!

Seeds I am looking for:

  • salvia apiana
  • cymbopogon flexulosus
  • dolichos lablab
  • salvia mellifera
  • cumium cymum, cumin
  • Vaccinum macrocarpon Cranberry
  • Vaccinum vitis-lignonberry
  • oxalis tuberosa Oca
  • Banana, papaya
  • Ilex paraguensis yerba mate, seeds or cuttings
  • Salvia divinorum (any strain)
  • small melons that climb, early maturing

Plants I have to trade:

No current listings.

Plants I am looking for:

  • crested succulents
  • salvia divinorum