fabraholic216's GardenWeb Exchange Page

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Seeds I have to trade:

  • I have seeds but have not had time to list yet. Please feel free to enquire.

Seeds I am looking for:

  • BEANS: Mayflower, Yin Yang, Lina Sisco's Bird Egg
  • NAMED ALPINE STRAWBERRIES (seeds or plants): Especially Alexandria, Mignonette, Ali Baba, Fragola di Bosco, Fragola Quattro Stagioni, New Giant, Pineapple Crush, Rodluvan, White Soul, and other named strawberries that grow true from seed. I already have both Red and Yellow Wonder.
  • HERBS: Soapwort, Anise Hyssop, Caper, Wild Bergamot (monarda fistulosa), Marsh Mallow (althaea officinalis),
  • FLOWERS: Species Rose seeds, Evergreen Daylilies (seeds or divisions), teacup/miniature african violets (seeds or leaves), amaryllis, Hens and Chicks poppy, Red Raspberry poppy, Pepperbox Poppy, Bird of Paridise, will consider other tropicals
  • Cotton: White or colored fibers
  • COFFEE: Arabica, Kona, Catura
  • BAY LEAF TREE Laurus nobilis (seeds or cuttings)
  • GOJI BERRY Lycium chinense
  • PASSION VINES (seeds or cuttings): Fragrant Granadilla Passiflora alata, Frederick Passionfruit Passiflora edulis, Water Lemon Passiflora laurifolia, Sweet Granadilla Passiflora ligularis, Sweet Calabash Passiflora maliformis, Banana Passionfruit, Giant Granadilla Passiflora quadrangularis
  • Vines (seeds or cuttings): Coral Vine, Stephanotis floribunda
  • Tiny plants for terreriums
  • Succulents seeds
  • Carniverous Plant seeds
  • Dragon Fruit
  • Darjeeling, Red Darjeeling, and Pink Velvet Banana seeds

Plants I have to trade:

  • Rose Cuttings: Louis Phillipe, Bermuda Spice (I just started some of both rooting too), a pink China rose I believe to be Pink Pet (my mom has had it for years)
  • A nicely scented purple passion vine cuttings (it does not produce seeds) (Rooting Now)
  • Heart Leaf Philodendron - one rooted plant (rooting more very soon)
  • Small Ponytail Palms (the bottom "ball" is between 1/2 inch to an inch) these are rooted plants.
  • Small Boston Fern Plants
  • Purple Queen Plant - one rooted plant (rooting more very soon)
  • African Violet Leaves: (NOIDS) Dark Purple, Orchid purplish pink, Optimara: North Carolina (Dark Purpleish Red, Manitoba (Light Blue/Violet), Miho (Dark Purple/Blue), Michelle (Pink with fuscha speckles)
  • The following Exotic Angel Plants (pictures and descriptions at their website) I can offer small rooted starts or unrooted cuttings:
  • English Ivy: Plain English Ivy, Starling Ivy, and Mint Kolibri
  • Dracaena "Florida Beauty"
  • Fittonia "Bianco Verde"
  • Philodendron "Silver" Scindapsus pictus argyraeus

Plants I am looking for:

  • I would love to trade for cuttings (rooted or not) or plants of:
  • RASPBERRIES: Dinkum, Dorman Red, Tulameen, Mysore
  • BLACKBERRIES: Austin Mays Dewberry
  • BABA BERRY (thornless)
  • BOYSENBERRY (thornless)
  • TAY BERRY (thornless)
  • EDIBLE BANANAS (pups/offshoots/starts)
  • GRAPES: Tara, Polyana, Ison, Alachua, Carlos, Nobel
  • NAMED AFRICAN VIOLET leaves or plants
  • Unnamed miniature or microminiature african violet leaves or plants
  • Ginger Lily divisions
  • Orchids
  • Evergreen and Semi Evergreen Daylily Divisions
  • ROSES - I know this is a gigantic list but by having a large list I am hoping to increase my chance of finding people to trade with. I would love to trade for rose cuttings rooted or not.
  • MINIATURE ROSES: Acey Deucy, Ain't Misbehavin', Always a Lady, Apricot Charm, Apricot Twist, Baby Betsy McCall, Baby Cheryl, Baby Darling, Baby Katie, Baby Masquerade, Baby Ophelia, Beauty Secret, Berkley Beauty, Blue Ice, Blue Mist, Bo-Peep, Buttons 'n Bows, Cafe Ole, Cajun Spice, Cal Poly, Candle Flame, Candy Cane (climbing miniature), Carnival Glass, Cinderella, Crazy Dottie, Chasin' Rainbows, Cuddles, Cupcake, Double Joy, Dragon's Fire, Dwarfking, Eleanor, Elfinglo, Fairy Moss, Fancy Pants, Fire Princess, Flying Colors, Foxy Lady, Frosty, Gold Coin, Heidi, Herbie, Holy Toledo, Hoot 'n' Holler, Hot Tamale, Hurdy Gurdy, Isle of Roses, Jennifer, Judy Fisher, Kara, Kathy, Lavender Crystal, Lavender Delight, Lavender Jewel, Lavender Lace, Lemon Delight, Little Darling, Little Jackie, Little Juan, Little Meghan, Little Showoff, Littlest Angel, Live Wire, Loving Touch, Magician, Magic Carrousel, Mary Marshall, Melody Marshall, Millie Walters, Mona Ruth, Mother's Love, Oakington Ruby, Opal Jewel, Orange Honey, Over the Rainbow, Pacesetter, Pandora, Palmetto Sunrise, Patty Lou, Peach Brandy, Perla de Montserrat, Perla Rosa, Pierrine, Pink Bunting, Pink Petticoat, Pinstripe, Plum Brandy, Plum Dandy, Poker Chip, Pompon de Paris, Popcorn, Rainbow's End, Red Imp, Red Minimo, Rise 'n Shine, Rosina, Rosy Forcast, Rouletti, Rubies 'n' Pearls, Ruby Magic, Sachet, Sequoia Gold, Sherri Anne, Simplex, Special Angel, Spice Drop, Splish Splash, Stars 'n Stripes, Sweet Chariot, Summer Sunset, Sweet Fairy, Sweet Sue, Teddy Bear, Tiny Petals, Tiny Tears, Toffee, Tom Thumb, Toy Clown, Virginia Lee, White Angel, White Cloud, Willie Winkie, Windy City, Winsome, Winter Magic, X-Rated, Yanti, Yellow Doll, Yellow Jacket, Zwergenfee/Dwarf Fairy
  • Bourbon Roses: Maggie, Mme. d'Enfert, Mme. Pierre Oger, Souvenir De La Malmaison, Souvenir de St. Anne's, Kronprincessin Viktoria, La Reine Victoria, Madame Isaac Pereire, Mrs. Basanquet, Souvenir du President Lincoln, Variegata Di Bologna, Mme. Dubost, Apolline, Catherine Guillot, Comtesse de Rocquigny, Mlle. Madeleine de Vauzelles, Mme. Cornélissen/Edith de Murat,
  • China Roses: Arch Duke Charles, Bengale Pompon, Ducher, Hermosa, Huilito, Jean Bach Sisley, Le Vesuve, Napoleon, Old Blush, Comtesse du Cayla, Korbel Canyon Red China, Mme. Laurette Messimy, Winecup/Purpurea, Single Pink China,
  • Hybrid Perpetual: American Beauty, Ferdinand Pritchard, General Jacqueminot (Jack Rose), Enfant de France, La Reine, Marchesa Boccella/Jacques Cartier, Anna de Diesbach, Ardoisee de Lyon, Baronne Prevost, Dupuy Jamain, La Reine,
  • Polyantha: Cecile Brunner, Excellenz von Schubert, Marie Pavie, Mrs. R.M. Finch, Pinkie, Ellen Poulsen, White Pet,
  • Shrub: Frau Dagmar Hartopp, Lindee, Natchitoches Noisette, Puerto Rico, Moroccan, Basyes Blueberry, Earth Song, Graham Thomas, Leverkusen, Marjorie Fair, Francesca, Mme Caroline Testout/City of Portland, Champagne Cocktail, Playboy, Sally Holmes, Country Living (David Austin), Heritage (David Austin),
  • Bermuda: Soncy, Vincent Godsiff
  • Earthkind: Carefree Beauty (Katy Road Pink), Duchesse de Brabant, La Marne, Madame Antoine Mari, New Dawn, Perle dOr,
  • Rugosa: Calocarpa, Dr. Eckener, Mary Manners, Mrs. Anthony Waterer, Sir Thomas Lipton,
  • Will excitedly consider other Own-Root/Old Garden Roses. I prefer roses that have a scent.