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Seeds I have to trade:

No current listings.

Seeds I am looking for:

No current listings.

Plants I have to trade:

  • "House" plants:
  • ~Non-variegated spider plants (Chlorophytum comosum); tiny babies and medium babies.
  • ~Pink (light and medium) and white polka dot plants (Hypoestes phyllostachya); cuttings, some bering rooted currently.
  • ~Variegated ivy; this is the whiter variegated, not yellow (yet!) and I have a few that are all a couple inches tall with 10 or so leaves each.
  • ~Creeping rosemary; I have a few cuttings that are rooting now, their flowers are the more light blue than the purple.
  • ~"Regular" philodendron; cuttings that are currently rooting, going to plant them soon.
  • ~Variegated lemon thyme; cuttings that are rooting now.
  • ~English thyme; cuttings that are rooting.
  • ~Pink Kalanchoe; leaf or stem cuttings.
  • ~Geraniums; red and white, cuttings are rooting at the moment.
  • More later!
  • P.S. I have access to a LARGE number of plants that I can get cuttings from, let me know what you want and I might be able to get it!

Plants I am looking for:

  • ~Zebrina Wandering Jew
  • ~Succulents of all kinds.
  • ~Variegated spider babies!
  • ~Geraniums
  • ~Variegated philodendron, rooting a little preferred.
  • ~Cool stuff that grows inside :)