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Seeds I have to trade:

  • *** None at this time ***

    Seeds I am looking for:

    • *** None at this time ***

    Plants I have to trade:

    • The weather has not been good to my garden so am not sure what I may have at this time. This list is for information only. Some may be available for trade, but would have to verify. I have not had time to confirm what would be available in time for the swap:
    • Angelonia angustifolia Adessa Blue Bicolor
    • Angelonia Adessa Purple
    • Angelonia Angustifolia Purple Stripe
    • Angelonia SunDancer Purple
    • Coleus Big Red Judy
    • Coleus Burgundy, with green edge, small leaf duckfoot type, has done very well in a container as underplanting
    • Coleus Dark Ruffles
    • Coleus Electric Lime
    • Coleus Finger Paint
    • Coleus Gold Lace
    • Coleus Kiwi Fern
    • Coleus Red Roof
    • Coleus Saturn
    • Coleus Splish Splash
    • Coleus Trailing Plum
    • Coleus Lava
    • Daylily Hyperion (lovely yellow heirloom, introduced in 1924, light sweet frangrance)
    • Daylily Kwanso
    • Sedum Autumn Charm
    • Sedum Autumn Delight
    • Sedum Frosty Morn (probably)
    • Sedum Kamtschaticum
    • Sedum Kamtschaticum Dwarf
    • Sedum Kamtschaticum Dwarf Variegated
    • Sedum Lineolarium
    • Sedum Mediovariegatum
    • Sedum sieboldii October Daphne
    • SunPatiens Variegated Spreading White

    Plants I am looking for:

    • I have been looking for a double lavender Althea (Rose of Sharon) for years. I have also been looking for Sedum sieboldii "Mediovariegatum", Variegated October Daphne.
    • I am downsizing my gardens so am not really looking for anything at this time, but could be persuaded to trade for the right plant....I'm always looking for variegated plants! Prefer perennials.