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Seeds I have to trade:

  • Hi Everyone,
  • This is an ever-changing work in progress. A few seeds I may not longer have and have been too busy to delete. Just ask. I have many seeds that I've not had time to list. Again, just ask.....I may have them.
  • All seeds are from 2007-2008. They were purchased from reputable seed dealers; traded with Garden Web members; or, harvested from my own garden. I cannot vouch for what comes through on a trade, but I think most members make every sincere effort to identify their seeds, clean, and label them.
  • BUBBLE envelopes are a must. Please use them. Old-timers know this, but newbies may not realize the importance. Crushed seeds do not germinate well. ;)
  • I will mail your seeds within one week of our agreement....please return the courtesy.
  • Please send questions to my personal email box. Thanks.
  • Let's make a swap!!!!

Seeds I am looking for:

  • This is a work in progress.
  • I plant for butterflies, hummers, and beneficial bugs.
  • Frogfruit
  • Chelone, turtlehead, any
  • Phyla incisa, frogfruit
  • Violet, birdsfoot
  • Violet, dogtooth
  • Clover, purple
  • Dianthus deltoides Shrimp
  • Lonicera sempervirens, coral honeysuckle
  • Amorpha canescens, lead plant
  • Siphonoglossa pilosella, hairy tubetongue
  • Aster, new york
  • Penstemon iron maiden
  • Allium tanguticum
  • Allium tuberosum
  • Dalea frutescens, black dalea
  • Potentilla flamenco
  • Linum berlandieri, stiff stem flax
  • Lantana Dallas Red
  • Lantana Miss Huff
  • Sedum Vera Jameson
  • Agapanthus Peter Pan
  • Viburnum obovatum, Walter's viburnum

Plants I have to trade:

No current listings.

Plants I am looking for:

  • Rooted cuttings would be great!
  • Cuphea micropetala, Giant mexican cigar plant, cuttings or
  • starts. Very hard to find.....REALLY WANT
  • Lantana Dallas Red
  • Lantana Miss Huff
  • Lantana Ham & Eggs