birdlady_10's GardenWeb Exchange Page

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Seeds I have to trade:

  • none at the moment

Seeds I am looking for:

  • none at the moment

Plants I have to trade:

  • yellow water lilies
  • *lizard tail
  • *Ginger--white butterfly
  • *iris--yellow bog
  • *lamium-yellow flowers-good groundcover
  • *willows--cuttings--weeping,,black pussy,,corkscrew *rose of sharon-unknown colors *st john's wort bush
  • FALL SWAP2011 1.Loreapetalum-*eunonymous shrub-several *duranta-1
  • *native maple-1
  • *white texas star hibiscus-4
  • *blue butterfly bush-5
  • *lacecap viburnum-1
  • EE's
  • *Elena-1
  • *fontanasia-2
  • *big dipper-2
  • *yelloe spash-5
  • *chicago harlequin-3
  • *giant clerodendron-1
  • *pineapple lily-1
  • *climbing rex begonia vine-4
  • Tropicals-hoya- *regular tall papyrus-1
  • *pineapple-1

Plants I am looking for:

  • * *trilliums---other shade plants---- *oriental or asiatic lilies---- *egret flower (habenaria radiata)-- --- *boggy or shade plants---like bloodroot,gingers etc. *ferns-Ostrich,Ghost,more southern shield.other hardy ferns
  • *Sedums-Black Jack-etc
  • *skunk cabbage
  • *fairy bells-disporum
  • daylilies
  • *hardy cyclamen
  • *geums
  • *pulmonarias
  • *trollia
  • *chocolate cosmos
  • *Chelone
  • *jelly palm
  • *Clerodendrons--have Cashmere Bouquet,Shooting Star,Giant,
  • *red stem corkscrew willow
  • *eastern mayhaw Tempt me! I LUV plants!!
  • Also trade for pots,plant books,newspapers,garden art Now don't ask me what I'd do if got ALL my wants! Not enough room to plant them even WITH my brother's 10 acres.LOL But I can dream-huh?