bansheebanshee's GardenWeb Exchange Page

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Seeds I have to trade:

  • Cosmos- seeds
  • Morning Glory variety of colors & sizes, mixed lot -seeds
  • Moonflower - seeds
  • catnip- seeds

Seeds I am looking for:

  • Jade leaf (any variety) to start
  • shade ground cover
  • creeping jenny - moneywort - Lysimachia

Plants I have to trade:

  • 2 different unnamed varieties of African violets - (leaves for you to propagate)
  • Purple heart plant- "wandering jew plant" - cuttings
  • Goldfish plant - cuttings
  • Peperomia- cuttings
  • Spider plants

Plants I am looking for:

  • Scented Geranium- Pelargonium - cuttings to start
  • Any houseplant cuttings to start
  • Named African violets- leaves to start
  • NOID African vioelts- leaves to start
  • Creeping Jenny- moneywort- Lysimachia
  • Jade plant leaf to start
  • Hellebore
  • Roses (zone 4)
  • Miniature roses