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Seeds I have to trade:

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Seeds I am looking for:

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Plants I have to trade:

  • Various colors of hardy water lillies. Many different. I just can not guarntee color. Very few white ones. Mostly reds, pinks and changablesI have 15 different colors, some are Colorado, Texas Dawn, Lillipons,Arc En Ciel,Perrys Baby Red,Little Sue, Hollandia, Fabiola,Pink Lemonade just to name a few.
  • I have the same situation with Louisiana Iris.Many colors, just a grab bag as far as colors. I have at least 25 different ones. But due to an emergency with our pond,they had to be removed too quickly to keep seperated correctly.
  • I have water celery, Papyrus, horsetail,and anacharis.

Plants I am looking for:

  • I am looking for land plants. Mostly flowering shrubs and stepables. Any old fashioned shrub would be great.