abarbie4me2's GardenWeb Exchange Page

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Seeds I have to trade:

  • Mexican Buckeye Ungnadia speciosa
  • Native halberdleaf Hibiscus Hibiscus laevis, white, pink.
  • Hardy Hibiscus pink
  • Button bush Cephalanthus occidentalis
  • Baptisia sphaerocarpa
  • Four o'clock Fushia
  • Bird of Paradise Caesalpinia gilliesii (out)
  • Gulf Coast Pensteman tenuis
  • Monarda citriodora
  • dutchman's pipe aristolochia fimbriata
  • beauty berry
  • rock rose Pavonia lasiopetala (just a few)
  • Eve's necklace
  • Gregg's blue mistflower
  • frostweed
  • red clematis Clematis texensis (just a few)
  • purple clematis Clematis pitcher
  • red yucca
  • Bundleflower (Desmanthus illinoensis
  • Rattlesnake Master Eryngium yuccifolium
  • Tx Mountain Laurel
  • Society Garlic
  • Desert Willow

Seeds I am looking for:

  • Baptisia bracteata laevicaulis or leucophaea
  • Aristolochia erecta/longiflora pipevine
  • Matelea biflora Purple Star Milkweed Vine
  • Mountain pink
  • Mentzelia decapetala
  • Talinum calycidum - fameflower
  • calico vine
  • red passion vine
  • Anything that will survive TX heat/drought and clay soil

Plants I have to trade:

No current listings.

Plants I am looking for:

No current listings.