Mistee17's GardenWeb Exchange Page

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Seeds I have to trade:

  • none

Seeds I am looking for:

  • none

Plants I have to trade:

  • iris: yellow blooms
  • bog iris, tall grassey foliage with yellow blooms
  • canna wyoming, dark foliage with orange blooms - out for now
  • privet bush
  • chinese photenia bush
  • day lilies: kwanso -tall plant large orange
  • blooms(rebloomer)
  • oleander , red blooms - cuttings
  • rose of sharon, double flowered lavender color blooms - cuttings
  • mexican petunias, purple blooms
  • morning glory vine , deep blue blooms
  • passion flower vine, large bluey purple blooms - cuttings
  • hummingbird bush- bush with small green foliage and red tubular blooms hummers love it/ these are cuttings - they root easily in water
  • hesperaloe, the yucca with a red spike bloom
  • variegated vinca vine , with blue blooms
  • salvia, red spikey blooms that hummingbirds love!
  • rockrose- bush type plant with small foliage and pink blooms reminds me of a smallish ros/ these are cuttings
  • salvia lyrata- odd tall plant with dark veins on foliage and tiny white blooms, limited
  • buddliea davidii mongo- butterfly bush purple - cuttings
  • monkey grass, tall spikey lite purple blooms
  • datura plants , no i.d.

Plants I am looking for:

  • flowering shade plants
  • brunnera
  • ladys mantle
  • bergenia
  • rootbeer plants
  • hydrangeas, variegated and oakleaf
  • heucherras
  • hoastas
  • epimediums, variegated
  • tropicals
  • perennials
  • brugs
  • daturas , purple
  • columbine
  • asters
  • bleeding hearts
  • vines
  • flowering shrubs
  • passionflower vine
  • glory bower vine/ tropical
  • ferns, cinnamon,macho ,lady - the big types!
  • taros / colocasia /alocasia- green, violet, and the runners!
  • variegated plants!
  • variegated ornamental grasses
  • canna - esp. dark leaved, But I do enjoy the green leaves also!
  • Anything tropical?
  • clematis, large flowering types
  • Or what do you have???
  • I hope we can trade! Thanks,Mistee