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Seeds I have to trade:

  • Seed saved 2011:
  • CUCUMBER - Delikatesse
  • TOMATO - Cuostralee, Reisentraube, Sioux*, Wapsipinicon Peach* (germination of these last two is about 70% due to heat storage...it's now or never for these seeds, if you want them I will be glad to send extra to make up for viability)
  • PEPPER - Poblano, Orange Habanero, Sweet Banana
  • BEANS - fillet pole bean, unknown variety but passed on by a seed-saving country neighbor...the ONLY thing setting fruit in the 110+ heat wave!
  • ELDERBERRY (dried whole berries w/ seed)
  • FROM OTHER GW MEMBERS - bitter melon, italian tomato, cherry tomato, sweet bell pepper, basil (lemon, lime, thai/lemon mix)
  • PRAIRIE WILDFLOWERS - liatris, purple coneflower, monarda, aster, snow on the mountain, maximillan sunflower, staghorn sumac...I only harvest by request so don't wait too long or the seed may drop. As of 3/15/12 seedheads flattened by spring rains -- check again in fall! Let me know if you have a prairie restoration project. I will literally go "the extra mile" for seed you need. Ask about anything not listed.

Seeds I am looking for:

  • Please note that "any variety" does not include hybrids! Thank you.
  • HERBS - oregano, mint, catnip, thyme, marjoram, chives, summer/winter savory, fennel
  • BEANS - Bush Blue Lake
  • PEPPERS - guajillo, mulato, pasilla, aji, anything HOT, anything flavorful, anything short-season
  • TOMATILLO - any, cape gooseberries too!
  • CURRANTS - any color, but particularly black
  • MUSTARD - any variety
  • CHIA
  • AUTUMN OLIVE (Autumnberry)
  • SERVICEBERRY (Saskatoons)
  • will also consider feed and cover crop seeds such as millet, sorghum (broom corn), oats, field peas, mangel beets, etc.
  • could possibly be tempted by perennials, particularly if they have some food, insect or wildlife value

Plants I have to trade:

No current listings.

Plants I am looking for:

  • ONION - egyptian walking onion topsets