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Seeds I have to trade:

  • New list of seeds I  have for trade-most of what I have is in small quantities,maybe a dozen or so, unless noted with a ☆. The ☆ seeds  I have many dozen of. Thanks!
  • •Spicy Pepper Mix (These are a completely random mix of serrano chili,hot hungarian wax,spicy banana, and /or jalapeno. I can't be sure which is which in this mix, they were leftovers I strung up last fall and forgot to mark them so I just mixed them all together.)
  • •Habanero Pepper
  • •Mild Chili Pepper (These originated from some Big Jim Chilis I first planted 2 years back. Last year they never got as big as the first batch but were still very tasty-very mild and lots of flavor.) ☆
  • •Red Cherry Tomato
  • •Beefsteak Tomato ☆
  • •Ornamental Indian Corn
  • •Sweet Italian Basil ☆
  • •Oregano ☆
  • •Lemon Balm
  • •Lemon Mint
  • •Catnip ☆
  • •Cilantro ☆
  • •Hibiscus (Unknown color) ☆
  • •Hardy Hibiscus Mix (shades of pink and white) ☆
  • •Petunia Mix (Pinks,Purples,White)☆
  • •Moss Rose Mixed Colors ☆
  • •FlossFlower ☆
  • •Datura (white)
  • •4 o'clocks (white)  (hot pink ☆)
  • •Morning Glory (pearly gates, deep purple, pretty pink) ☆
  • •Red Snapdragon
  • •White "ghost" Pumpkin
  • •Warty Orange Pumpkin

Seeds I am looking for:

  • •Coleus Varieties
  • •Heirloom Tomato Varieties
  • •Heirloom Pepper Varieties
  • •Interesting Heirloom Veggies
  • •Basils (except Italian)
  • •Chamomile
  • •Sage
  • •Any Mints
  • •Thyme
  • •Other Interesting Herbs
  • •Morning Glories
  • •Moonflower Vine
  • •Heirloom Flower Varieties
  • •Heirloom Pumpkins and Squash (summer and winter varieties)

Plants I have to trade:

No current listings.

Plants I am looking for:

No current listings.