4430's GardenWeb Exchange Page

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Seeds I have to trade:

  • Crown daisy(Garland Chrysanthemum, Edible Chrysanthemum)
  • Perilla(Perilla frutescens)
  • water lotus--white and white pink,4feet deep

Seeds I am looking for:

  • hot pepper (5a early harvest)
  • sweet butter cup squash
  • deep water red water lotus

Plants I have to trade:

  • chinese yam(long root)
  • apios americana(groundnut)
  • crosne(chinese artichoke)
  • sunchoke(stempede,korean purple,red robe,white robe)
  • oca(roundish:pink,yellow,yellow pink)
  • yacon(white,white red)
  • mashua
  • water lotus---white,white pink,red(shallow water)

Plants I am looking for:

  • oca(different variety)
  • yacon(red or purple)
  • deep water red water lotus----5-6feet